Psychology at Work

Serving or Policing with Chief Danny Barton: Humanity (Part 3 of 3)

May 07, 2021 Casey Lankow & Tim Johansson Season 4 Episode 8
Psychology at Work
Serving or Policing with Chief Danny Barton: Humanity (Part 3 of 3)
Show Notes

This is the final installment of our 3-part series with Police Chief Danny Barton.   The episode ends with some comments and observations from Casey and Tim, along with some excerpts of the statement they released following the verdict in trial of Derek Chauvin, who was convicted of murdering George Floyd.

Official Statement from A Deeper Way.

From Dr. Casey Lankow & Dr. Tim Johansson

"Truth never damages a cause that is just." - Mahatma Gandhi

Accessing our own Truth is vital for realizing that our own worthiness is not tied to the conditions, expectations, or demands of another. Our worthiness is tied to our existence, nothing else.  

Violence is the erasure of another's existence, of another's Truth. Violence disconnects us from both our Truth and from Justice. Together as a world, we witnessed violence on May 25, 2020, when George Floyd was murdered by a sworn officer of the peace. George Floyd's existence was erased by another human being in under 10 minutes.  

On April 20, 2021, a jury brought conviction for this single moment of violent injustice. Yet the Truth was never hidden: George Floyd's right to love and belonging because he existed was taken from him, and for 330 days all humans sat with a gap between Justice and Truth

We waited.  

How many more are still waiting?

Violence is any erasure of another's existence, another's Truth: emotional violence, intellectual violence, spiritual violence. These erasures occur far more frequently, more systemically, more subtly than many people want to acknowledge. Too many people are sitting in a gap between Justice and Truth. For too many, that gap feels immense, immeasurable, and immutable.

How much longer are we willing to live in a world that allows these gaps to remain so big, so insidious, and so disempowering for so many people?  

With power comes the responsibility to tell the Truth, to bear witness to others' Truths, and to work tirelessly to create a world where people experience the right to belong and participate fully in our society just as they are. No exceptions, conditions, or demands. We have the opportunity and responsibility to honor and protect another's right to their Truth.  

How do we close the gap between Justice and Truth?  

In the midst of differences, pain, and fear, the pull for self-protection is strong. The pull to remain comfortable is enticing. Yet, nothing will change if those with the capacity to bring change use their power to simply remain comfortable.  

Are we okay with remaining comfortable while others remain erased?  

Let each of us begin by more deeply, more consistently working to examine our own discomfort, rather than erasing another's Truth in order to maintain our own comfort.  

What kind of world are we making Real?  

Truth never damages Justice.

Just Truth: You are a normal person, worthy of love and belonging because you exist.  

Let us commit to relating to each other from this place of Just Truth. No matter how difficult, no matter how uncomfortable.

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