Psychology at Work

Being Patient with Milpha Blamo, Sheryl Chacko, & Pete Breen

July 30, 2021 Season 5 Episode 5
Psychology at Work
Being Patient with Milpha Blamo, Sheryl Chacko, & Pete Breen
Show Notes

A Deeper Way Certified Facilitators Milpha Blamo (The Minneapolis Foundation) and Sheryl Chacko & Peter Breen (Emotional Communication) join Casey and Tim to discuss A Deeper Way Foundational Tenet #2: Be Patient.

Tenet #2: Be Patient
Our psyches and bodies are hardwired to not change.  With a deeper way, we understand that much of our behavior is deeply rooted in our unconscious, and most reactions to exploration and change (e.g. laughing, making fun of ourselves and others, complaining, etc.) are defenses against the fear.   

Milpha Blamo
is the Vice President of Talent and Culture at The Minneapolis Foundation. She leads and executes strategies for talent management, learning and development, and HR systems with the goal of fully engaging the Foundation’s diverse workforce and enhancing its organizational culture. She has more than a decade of experience in nonprofit leadership, serves on the board of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, the Business Advisory committee at Normandale Community College is a member of the Forbes Human Resources Council. Milpha holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Minnesota and a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management from Hamline University. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in leadership (Ed.D) at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.

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Sheryl Chacko is the Vice President of Emotional Communication.  She is an accomplished technology and change leadership expert.  She has a proven ability to develop and implement successful transformational programs that support business and financial objectives.  Sheryl comes to Emotional Communication most recently from Southwest Airlines where she served as Technology Senior Manager, and Chief of Staff to the Vice President of Technology Product Solutions.  Sheryl spent more than 15 years as a management consultant serving several Fortune 500 companies in diverse industries such as travel, healthcare, energy and financial services - where her passion for leadership coaching began.

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Peter Breen is the Founder and President of Emotional Communication, LLC. Having built a unique skill set in mentoring, instruction, and leadership, Peter then pinpointed emotional intelligence as the key component in helping leaders realize their potential, build more effective teams, and increase their revenue and industry impact. 

Peter's passion for aviation led him to a career as a pilot and he earned degrees in aviation flight and management at Southern Illinois University. As a pilot, instructor, and mentor at Southwest Airlines, Peter gained a passion for leadership coaching and discovered how emotional intelligence can be used in every situation to enhance communication and develop confidence. At Southwest Airlines, Peter served as a highly trained member for Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) and Project LIFT - key programs that mentor pilots through hardships and help pilots access emotional intelligence to communicate effectively.

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