Psychology at Work

Getting Used to Discomfort with Rhonda Williams, Steph Furo, & Tonia Johnson

August 27, 2021 Casey Lankow & Tim Johansson Season 5 Episode 7
Psychology at Work
Getting Used to Discomfort with Rhonda Williams, Steph Furo, & Tonia Johnson
Show Notes

A Deeper Way Certified Facilitators Rhonda Williams, Steph Furo, and Tonia Johnson join Casey and Tim to discuss A Deeper Way Foundational Tenet #3: Get Used To Discomfort.

Tenet #3: Get Used to Discomfort
Discomfort is necessary. Deep, lasting change requires accessing our insecurities and fear and going into them – this is by nature uncomfortable. Comfort is different than safety; discomfort is necessary, so is safety.

Rhonda Y. Williams
is an elite leadership coach, emotional intelligence strategist, and DEI Advocate. With past executive roles in healthcare, such as Chief Nursing Officer & Hospital CEO, Rhonda has personally experienced the effects of overwhelming stress. After a pair of dueling life crises, Rhonda decided to Stop the Madness. Today she is the founder of Stress-Free Leadership and she helps leaders & entrepreneurs apply emotional intelligence to experience greater success. She is also the creator of the concept of Leadership Above the Grind. 

Additionally Rhonda is passionate about helping women leaders prepare for and pursue executive level roles. She is excited to add the power of A Deeper Way to the tools she uses to support leaders in reaching their “next-level” of success. Rhonda is a 4x author and the Host of The Coffee with Rhonda Show. 

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Steph Furo is passionate about bringing more LIFE to the workplace, and co-founded The LIFE Boost to help organizations create a culture of growth and connection. In her coaching with individuals and teams, Steph draws on 15 years of corporate leadership experience in human resources and learning & development, as well as her experience teaching yoga and practicing a variety of healing modalities. She recognizes that humans are complex, and partners with A Deeper Way to make the greatest impact with her clients.

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Tonia Johnson is co-founder of The LIFE Boost and is passionate about living life to the fullest. She has the honor of sharing her passion for life through individual and team coaching and development that supports bringing more LIFE to the workplace. In addition to her coaching experience, Tonia draws on over 15 years of experience working in a corporate environment as a project manager and scientist in the environmental engineering industry, as well as her experience teaching yoga, meditation, and practicing healing modalities. She recognizes that each human is unique and we all are on different paths. To support this, she offers a variety of tools and techniques through the coaching and development process that caters to the uniqueness of the individual and supports growth and connection.

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