Psychology at Work

Committing to Truth with Jillian Sperl & Rich McCaffrey

October 22, 2021 Season 5 Episode 11
Psychology at Work
Committing to Truth with Jillian Sperl & Rich McCaffrey
Show Notes

A Deeper Way Certified Facilitators Jillian Sperl (Ecumen) and Leigh Shebeck (The Walt Disney Company) join Casey and Tim to discuss A Deeper Way Foundational Tenet #5: Commit To Truth

Tenet #5: Commit To Truth
Lasting change happens in the context of trusting relationships with self and others, it can’t happen in a vacuum. There is no trust without truth. Always seek to understand your peoples’ truth, be a witness to their Tacit Truth and help them return to the Unequivocal Truth: they are a normal person, worthy of love and belonging, because they exist. Commit to relating to them from this place. No excuses. No matter how difficult.

Jillian Sperl is a Regional People Services Manager at Ecumen.  She is an experienced Human Resources professional with a demonstrated history of working in the health care industry. Skilled in nonprofit organizations, collaboration and communication. Passionate about aligning human resources initiatives with business goals.

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Rich McCaffrey is Senior Manager of Talent Planning and Executive Insights at The Walt Disney Company where he facilitates insights for top executive talent regarding their potential, career intent, strengths and development needs as part of the Disney Executive Leadership Insights (DELI) development offering.  In addition, he  supports enterprise wide talent and succession planning processes including talent management technology enhancements, developing tools and resources, and implementing a succession measurement strategy.

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