Psychology at Work

Being Patient, Again with Christy Johnson, Dustin Lee, and Michelle Rivard

November 19, 2021 Casey Lankow & Tim Johansson Season 5 Episode 13
Psychology at Work
Being Patient, Again with Christy Johnson, Dustin Lee, and Michelle Rivard
Show Notes

A Deeper Way Certified Facilitators Christy Johnson (Ecumen), Dustin Lee (Prairie Senior Cottages), and Michelle Rivard (Ecumen) join Casey and Tim to discuss A Deeper Way Foundational Tenet #6: Be Patient, Again

Tenet #6: Be Patient, again and again and again and again
It takes time for real insight to get embedded.  People often need to hear and experience the insight multiple times in multiple ways.  This reality can be difficult to accept; we want to see progress after all.  Patience is the reminder that the growth process is always being realized.

For more than 20 years, Christy Johnson has empowered those she serves and works with in the senior living industry. She is the Talent Development Director at Ecumen where she supports team member experience, growth, and education. Her background in Organizational Leadership along with the A Deeper Way framework allows her to support those working in the healthcare industry while honoring their individuality and unique needs. 

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Dustin Lee is the CEO and President at Prairie Senior Cottages with seven locations specializing in serving those living with memory loss. He is a passionate and relentless advocate for those those touched by all forms of dementia. Dustin has spent the entirety of his career working his way up in the healthcare industry, gaining valuable experiences in managing home health care agencies, traditional and memory care assisted livings, and served as a regional director of housing across 3 states supervising 17 locations. At the young age of 17 he began his career in health care by working with developmentally handicapped adults. After getting his college degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and he started his own medical transport business and eventually the development of several assisted living communities. Additionally, he spent 23 years in the US Army and US Air Force Reserve, with one deployment to Iraq.

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Michelle Rivard serves as the Learning & Development Manager at Ecumen, one of the nation's leading providers of senior living and healthcare services. Michelle's major areas of focus include team member onboarding, career development, and education. Michelle has been a Care Profiler | A Deeper Way certified facilitator for several years, and loves the opportunity to help team members discover and use their unique talents. Michelle holds a Master's degree in Communication and a graduate certificate in postsecondary teaching. 

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